10 Best Anime List – Reflection

I typically hate reflections for the same reason that I hate filler episodes, as well as recap episodes / movies. I feel like it’s just a waste of time, ya know?

But I figured that my feelings towards my creation are a little ambivalent, and it might be kind of interesting to lay them out… ya know?

My biggest takeaway from my top 10 anime list is that my focus is like 90% focused on what a series does well, instead of its faults. That’s probably the reason why most atmospheric shows fail to really grab me- and also why character-centered shows are my favorite. Also, this weakness explains the second major takeaway, I can’t write a good persuasive piece without spoiling the entire show!

Image result for monogatari head tilt
Monogatari defines this fear for me. 

I guess that also comes with the way I think about shows, and how I value my own personal interpretation above all else. My opinion is really inseparable when talking about a show, at least for me! I won’t pretend otherwise!

So, I guess I’ll talk about my opinion on each of my posts!

10th Best Anime – Code Geass

What a mess. I really like to talk about what makes a show great, but Code Geass is kind of difficult to call great. It has bigger plot holes than Future Diary! But the heights it can reach…

Code Geass just has one of those great endings, and I think it’s kind of an obligatory watch for anyone interested in anime, despite its flaws.

Image result for higurashi gif
Go watch it!

That was all I tried to argue… but I brought Metternich into it! I’m really unbelievable. I think that it’s a somewhat decent historical comparison, but jeeze, my analysis was just so shoddy, it makes the entire thing look invalid!

How I rate this post – A complete failure.

9th Best Anime – Konosuba – Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

Short and sweet for an easily understandable show.

Related image
I do love me some comedy!

On second thought, maybe it wasn’t such a ‘sweet’ analysis, though. Overall-

I rate this post – Meh!

8th Best Anime – Naruto!

Defending this show as one of the best Shounen I’ve ever seen… until Naruto Shippuden ruined most of what made the original great!

Image result for future diary fight gif
OG Naruto was all like-

I feel like I laid a little too heavy into Shippuden… cus I don’t really hate it, as much as I’m disappointed by most of it.

Related image
Shippuden be like-


I pointed out what makes me feel that way, and I think I made my point clear-

How I rate this post – Actually kinda passable!

7th Best Anime – Snafu – My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected

I just kinda explained how I think it gives a nice, surprisingly-broad perspective on adolescence. Not much to say, but I feel like I didn’t commit to explaining my annoyance towards anime that take the easy route. My point is that there are shows that vilify the popular and social, and I feel like that’s one of those super toxic mindsets…

Image result for armstrong gif
I couldn’t think of an FMA gif or pic to suit Snafu… so here’s an awesome Armstrong to keep the pattern going!

Like, I’m sure there are some people out there who give social people crap just because of the expectation that all popular people are jerks. One of my more sickening school experiences was being told by one friend to break up a friendship with another friend who had become popular. It’s such a terrible excuse to tie popularity into selfishness, or ignorance, or really any personality.

That’s why I wrote about how I enjoyed Snafu‘s interpretation of youth.

How I rate this post – Could’ve been better, passable.

6th Best Anime – Katanagatari

Really just a post I wrote for fun. Compared Katanagatari to Medea, cus why not?

Image result for katanagatari gif

I think it served it’s purpose, to try to provoke thought about other mediums and how they might relate to anime.

Rating – Fun to write, served its purpose.

5th Best Anime – Fullmetal Alchemist

I never really mentioned FMA‘s premise, did I? I’m really not friendly to those who haven’t heard of the show before, am I?

Then again, considering FMA‘s universal praise, it’s hard for me to imagine anyone who hasn’t at least heard of it… although it’s still a flaw in my post.

Image result for oregairu hayama gif
The power of FMA!

I mainly just wrote about perfection, and how my idea of perfection is no longer my ideal for an anime.

Rating – I’m so whiny! 

4th Best Anime – Future Diary

Glad I followed up a well-thought out series like FMA with a spotty show like Future Diary.

I wrote about my optimistic interpretation of the anime, and the value of having Yukiteru as the protagonist. I gave it a very conditional and reluctant recommendation…

Image result for tobi schoolgirl
… I am genuinely confused that I found this!

Rating – Totally fair!

3rd Best Anime – Fate/ Franchise

I basically wrote how Fate/ is a series that builds off of its many incarnations.

Of course, anything I write is still incomplete… since Heaven’s Feel II and Heaven’s Feel III aren’t out yet!

Image result for konosuba sword gif
Now, forget that post!

Rating – Messy and incoherent.

2nd Best Anime – Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

I wrote about the themes of Higurashi and its spiritual successor, Umineko.

Image result for code geass orange gif

Rating – I like it.

The Best Anime Ever

Probably my best post so far-

And you’re encouraged to say otherwise-

Image result for tsubasa tiger gif
Any praise is appreciated~

I actually talked about the premise of my favorite series, Monogatari. It’s a pretty significant moment in my character arc, ya know? Struggling against my faults?

Rating – My favorite so far!

Monogatari and Meta – Best Anime Ever!

The third takeaway from this experience…

I can’t write passive aggressive to save my life! Even when it is the Monogatari Series!

And why didn’t I bring up the name of the show? A story named Monogatari Series, or otherwise, Story Series? What was I thinking! That’s clearly meta, and clearly fits the theme!

And why didn’t I bring up Nietzsche!

Image result for tsukimonogatari cat
How I feel rn

Edgy Anime Teen, you baka!

Rating – I want to bleach this post from my memory! 

Looking forward

I began this blog with a top 10 list, and I’m ending this part of the blog with one too.

I described it in my The good, the bad, the meh – Week Three as the end of a ‘phase’ of the blog, and what I mean by that, is that I will stop trying to do daily uploads.

I feel like at one point, daily posting was a great way for me to rack up experience writing, but I feel that since the focus of my blog isn’t topical and dictated by seasonal anime, daily posts are only getting in the way of making the kind of posts I want to.

Related image
*that moment when I look back through my posts*

That’s not to say that I don’t love writing the way I do now, but the two hours I spend writing could be used researching a different anime. (Research! Totally not just watching anime cus I love them!)

I also really just wanna make better blog posts. Like a proper edgy teen, I want to try to push my boundaries, instead of just falling into a mold that doesn’t quite fit me.

Image result for hachiman something genuine quote
Hachiman quotes…

It may sound a little selfish on my part, but my aspiration is to not just make posts that people will read- I want to make posts that people will enjoy!

So yeah, if I reduce my posts from seven to 3 or 4 a week… hopefully I can put a little more effort into a few of them, and make them just a little more enjoyable.

Anyway, while I’m a little regretful about the quality of my top 10 list posts, I’m still glad I posted them. The idea of a top 10 list has been nagging at me for awhile, and I’m glad that it’s out of the way!

Image result for hachiman quote
Seriously! Hachiman’s like Nietzsche! You can find a quote to suit any agenda!


Hopefully you’re excited about the future of this blog…

Eh. If you’re not, I hope to change your mind in the next two weeks- if I can’t, then I guess I really will have failed!

Might as well try anyway!

Image result for sengoku nadeko op
Time to put in some effort!

Monogatari and Meta – Best Anime Ever!

*Followup to previous post*

You see, there’s an idea that permeates the second season of Monogatari. Nisemonogatari is obsessed with the idea of falsity.

Image result for monogatari kaiki

If I were to explain it, I would use morality. If you’re a naturally good person, that’s nice. But what if you are not naturally a virtuous person, but still try your best to imitate that virtue that doesn’t come naturally to you? Are you being fake? Are you trying to reject your own nature?

Personally, my greatest fear with society will become accepting. As terrible as that may sound, acceptance gets you nowhere. I nearly flipped out when I heard a teacher comfort a student who had a failing grade by saying, “You don’t have to be good at everything. Some people are just better at math.”

Image result for koyomimonogatari nadeko
*cough cough*

To that I say, it’s idiotic! Idiotic and harmful. There’s nothing more toxic for a person than stagnation! Don’t give people excuses, and don’t give them justifications. They are bad at stuff because they are bad. Not because they were born with ‘no talent’ or ‘meant to be something else’. We may all be different people, but that doesn’t mean we have to be one-note, one-trick ponies!

Back to Monogatari… I’ve seen people bash Monogatari just because it’s meta! Just because it is self-indulgent, it takes them out of the experience… to which I respectfully feel the exact opposite.

Mainly, their argument is that the characters don’t feel like people-

Image result for monogatari senjougahara gif
Cus no real person is ever rude or sadistic. Sure, strawman, whatever you say!

To which I say- great!

Who cares about those that imitate the ‘ideal’ we call people? You want your characters to be tropes?

Image result for monogatari senjougahara tsundere

I’ve always agreed, Monogatari characters don’t feel like people. They feel like themselves! And their dramatic struggles that are so small in scale… I cherish them, ya know?

Instead of a battle with the fate of the world at stake, it’s a battle between expectations and honesty. Expectations being either societal, personal morals, or even the tropes we so often use to define characters!

Image result for monogatari hanekawa gif

I feel like that’s the most consistently explored theme in Monogatari, the typically harmful nature of what I defined as expectations. You, as a viewer, also have those expectations of what makes a story good…

And while having those expectations typically help weed out terrible shows, do you ever stop to think that maybe a more unconventional show might be better than you think? I see a new isekai or magic high school show, and I instantly assume the worst of it. That is my experience, because such genres tend to rely on terribly immature worldviews…


Image result for asterisk war
Just trust in the MC… and everything will work out. Quality message right there.

Is it odd that I think Monogatari, a story told from a few narrow perspectives, shows a deep understanding of the world and people as a whole? By embracing subjectivity, it tells a story that I can believe and trust, far more than a conventional third-person narrative.

I mentioned meta, but I never quite explained that I don’t believe that the LN or the anime could ever be translated whole into another medium, because of it. The anime is definitely not a one-to-one adaptation of the novel, but from what I’ve read and seen of both, it keeps the spirit of the light novel alive with its distinct visual style. Of course, the novel constantly pokes fun at its anime… Nisio takes no prisoners! Not even Shampoo from Ranma 1/2 is safe from his references!

Image result for shampoo ranma 1/2 wall
So tempted to break out my Neko Kuro book to quote the lines!

Okay, one last thing that baffles me-

How are people saying that this is really a harem show that disguises itself with pretentious ideas? Did we watch the same show?

I always thought it was an anime about pretentious ideas that disguises itself as a harem.

Am I alone in thinking that?

Image result for owarimonogatari ougi
I never thought anyone would be that into what Ougi represents… but hey! You do you! *Chokes*


I guess they’ve only seen up to NisemonogatariNise was specifically designed with character interactions in mind, rather than plot… I mean it’s fun and all, but if you miss the celebration of exceptionalism that is the final climax…

Related image

I dunno what to say.

Stop staring at the pretty boobs and butts?

Yep. That’s what I feel like saying to the strawman that I’ve created!

So uh, I hope you enjoy Monogatari as much as I have… not that that’s possible, but I invite you to try. If not, I’d love to stop attacking the strawman I’ve created, and genuinely try to understand the other side of the argument.

Image result for donnie darko ears
“I’m all ears!’

Also, it would be great if this little blurb about the themes of the series could help give you the tools to analyze this long series.

For recommendations of series that are similar, I have to point to Katanagatari, and if a different rendition of the premise interests you, to add perspective, The World God Only Knows is kinda okay. Obviously Katanagatari is my preference… and besides that, I recommend Mob Psycho 100. Both have themes of heroism and focus on human interaction.

Basically, if Monogatari was shorter, a different main character, and sexual tension with well animated action, had shorter dialogue… it would be kinda close to Mob Psycho. Kinda.

Also Snafu might be a good recommendation…

But I’d say that The Tatami Galaxy is stylistically the closest, even if it’s view is pretty similar to Neon Genesis Evangelion. You know, where the side characters don’t develop so that the story can focus on the MC? Seems like a cheap tactic to me, but eh, some people like that type of style.

And uh…

Because I’m getting a little hungry, I’ll end this preemptively with a short, NIIIISSSSIIIIOOOO!, and a not-so-short quote. Hopefully you enjoy~

I’m not sure if the comparison is an apt one for my situation, but I think a lot of people have admired some great person–some revered historical figure you love so much that you start digging through biographies to learn more–only to be confronted with equally great scandals and disgraces and feeling betrayed in some way. But isn’t it pretty selfish to feel let down after all that?

You selfishly decided to love them and selfishly decided to hate them.

You selfishly put store in them and were selfishly disappointed by them.

You selfishly felt enchanted and selfishly felt disillusioned.

If that’s the case.

Maybe you didn’t need to know–from the start

– Araragi Koyomi (Nekomonogatari Kuro)

*cough cough*

That’s a sad view of human interaction.


The Best Anime Ever

I am an edgy person.

As much as my name attests to it, I believe I should at least explain what I think is an important part of being edgy. Exceptionalism.

Now, you might be confused as to why, but just think about all the ‘edgy’ anime characters you’ve seen. Especially the ones who say that they want to save everyone, even if it means sacrificing themselves.

Fundamentally, an edgy person sees themselves as an individual. I see Neon Genesis Evangelion as a struggle to become edgy- to recognize one’s own self-worth and place within society. Failure to acknowledge one’s own individuality (edginess) leads to that suicidal ‘death impulse’ (Instrumentality), yada yada yada.

Image result for kaworu
Kaworu’s the only character who actually acknowledges his selfish individual desires, and because of his selfishness -> acts selflessly

I generally like Neon Genesis Evangelion, but I hate its sweeping generalizations about people. Economics teaches everyone is a selfish decision-maker, but man, not everyone is as self-centered as Evangelion characters, okay?

Why bring up Evangelion, you’re asking?

It’s a good example. I think it pretty consistently hammers in that line of argument, but I could be wrong. After all, I’ve only watched it once.

With a little foreplay out of the way, I guess it’s time to confess that my favorite anime series, of all time, is Studio Shaft’s Monogatari Series.

Image result for monogatari series
Stay with me, now.

Written by a godly author, Nisioisin, the Monogatari Series is everything I could possibly hope for in a series. It is self-aware, but its value does not hinge off of it. It’s characters are simultaneously memorable, well-written, and nearly all of the main cast is unbelievably human feeling.

That may seem obvious for any great series… but I haven’t explained the premise.

It’s a harem.

Image result for monogatari harem
Even if you black out their faces, I’ll never mistake that Ahoge!

Yes, a harem anime. And not just any harem anime, but a harem anime in the like of Date A Live and The World God Only Knows.

What does that entail, you might wonder. Well, it means that it has a very clear structure (at first) where each arc introduces or develops a different girl and her supernatural affliction. Of course, in all of these, the ‘supernatural affliction’ is kind of like a metaphor for each girl’s specific complex or real world problem (like abuse or abandonment). After inserting himself into the problem, the girl joins the ‘harem’.

But allow me to explain what makes Bakemonogatari, the part of the series to this straight harem setup, different. In the two I mentioned, the main character becomes involved with the characters because it is his mission. His mission is to make the girls fall in love with him, not fix their emotional problems. In Date A Live, it is really easy, since no girl has a complex life. In TWGOK, Keima has a demon-girl sidekick to help spy and insert himself into each girl’s life.

While Date A Live is such a blind wish fulfillment anime that it doesn’t treat the characters newfound emotional dependency as a problem, The World God Only Knows has the gall to have its cake and eat it too! It does a sort-of memory wipe on the girls after each arc, avoiding consequences and wrapping everything up with a little bow.

Image result for world god only knows elsie gif
Monogatari’s demonic helper is way more powerful, but far less cheap.

Araragi Koyomi, the protagonist of most of Monogatari, has neither mission to motivate him or such a convenient power. His encounter with a legendary vampire before the events of Bakemonogatari have left him with several things, like vampiric regeneration, but besides that, he’s relatively powerless. He just happens to know a guy who’s knowledgeable about spiritual matters.

And yet, he does his best to help each girl with their struggles.

And for the most part, it works out.

Image result for nadeko snake

Bakemonogatari, taken by itself, is a rollicking take on the harem genre.

But also, taken by itself, Bakemonogatari is hollow. If you want to know why, it’s because so many of the girls never actually have the source of their problems resolved.

As the series progresses, its characters mature. And as they mature, they begin to question themselves. All the lukewarm conclusions of the first season lead to heartbreaking consequences, which are just so cathartic…

There’s a motto that runs throughout Monogatari which just tears a new one in trash like Date A Live, and it goes like this, ‘The only person you can save is yourself.”


Image result for senjougahara gif

Contrary to certain harem story structures, Monogatari gives the heroines the responsibility of getting their crap together! So much yes!

Monogatari Second Season even starts out from one of the heroine’s, Hanekawa’s, perspective! It really exposes Araragi’s mental state, as much as hers. And don’t even get me started on second best girl, Sengoku Nadeko! (She even has a few great memes!)

So, in summation, should you watch Monogatari? Definitely!

Should you watch Monogatari, if you love harems? Definitely!

Should you watch Monogatari, even if you hate harems? Definitely!!!

Image result for tsukimonogatari nadeko yandere

Should you watch Monogatari, if you like comedy? Of course!

Should you watch Monogatari, if you like supernatural action?

Image result for monogatari fight gif


Should you watch Monogatari, if you like strong world building? This is a Nisio story! Setting is inferior to characters! (Maybe not really, but if I have to choose, I will 100% of the time choose characters over setting)

I guess I talked about the most boring part of Monogatari, its premise. I apologize.

Image result for tsukimonogatari snow gif

I also apologize if the summary is very off-sounding. It’s a show that I would rather not lie about, and yet I don’t want to spoil everything. I’m going to be making a post tomorrow, giving a little blurb about each arc and what it does… and I’ll try to keep that spoiler free as well.

Like always, I feel that the best way to experience a story is to go in without any idea of what you’re going to experience.

Going into Monogatari and expecting a typical quirky harem is probably the best way for it to do its work. But, if you need reason to watch past Bakemonogatari, I’d recommend just jumping in at the Kizumonogatari movies. It’s a great POV story. Watching Araragi’s growth as a protagonist is… well, it’s awe-inspiring.

Related image

Araragi, for all his obtuse heroics, is a terribly flawed person. But his heart’s in the right place. If you watched more than half an hour of Kizumonogatari, you’d see a tragic picture. ‘Course, if you watched even more of Kizu, you’d see an even greater tragedy, but besides that-

Don’t watch Monogatari assuming that you should be on Araragi’s side. Really, on anyone’s. The main cast is all pretty immature, so please, don’t be that person who takes everything said and done for fact. The series begins with a lie! Take that as a hint, and apply it to all characters, not just Araragi, and you’ll have a great time!

Image result for bakemonogatari fall
She did not fall several flights, if that wasn’t clear. At least half this series is exaggeration!

And I hope you do have a good time. It’s a series that I really love, but I can see why some people might not like it…

Give it a try though. Don’t expect it to be stagnant like other harems, and have standards and goals for where you want to see each character go. Just don’t make one of them “Araragi stops being a pervert”, because that will never happen. Don’t ask the impossible!

Image result for kizumonogatari gif
Head-pats are LEWD!


While Monogatari has a kind of zig-zagging order to its timeline, my recommended viewing order looks like this-

First season – (Building the harem)

Bakemonogatari (All 15 episodes!)  ->  Kizumonogatari (3 movies)   -> Nisemonogatari (11 eps) -> Nekomonogatari (4)

Second season (Consequences)

Monogatari Second Season (26 episodes)  -> Hanamonogatari (5 episodes)

Third season (Araragi’s doubt)

Tsukimonogatari (4 episodes)  -> Owarimonogatari 1 (12 eps)  -> Koyomimonogatari (12 OVAs)  -> Owarimonogatari Second Season  -> Zokuowari-

PS – 


The good, the bad, the meh – Week Three

Ah man, this week was pretty uneventful for me.

So let’s just jump right in, okay?

*This was written yesterday, so anything marked like this ‘*’ will be an edit

The bad – 

Why not start with the stuff that really got on my nerves?

There wasn’t much, to be honest.

But my brother’s been super interested in Sonic recently, especially speedruns of an old game. Anyway, he found out that the game, Sonic Adventures 2, was available on the Xbox store and reverse compatible for the Xbox One…

Image result for sonic adventure 2
The only Sonic game I ever played was for the DS! And Smash Bros, if that counts!

Yeah, apparently it doesn’t work out that easily though, since Microsoft is a terrible company for anything online. Apparently their Xbox 360 based games work off of a different base code than the Xbox One marketplace… so the Xbox gift cards that I have can’t be used to buy it. The kid was sniffling for like 20 minutes!

I found out that the band Kalafina, who make tons of songs that I like, is splitting. So yeah, that stinks.

Let’s see… besides that…

I haven’t really watched that many anime this week. Been writing and reading a lot more…

I’m a busy guy!

The meh – 

As more proof that I was busy, I’d like to bring up that I had two Mechanics tests this week! Got a B on one, then aced the second!

God, don’t ya just love deriving Newton’s shell theorem after you forgot to study it? Of course, it was multiple choice so I just had to guess which one looked right… but still! It’s at least mildly impressive, isn’t it!

Image result for newton's shell theorem core
Isn’t this a beauty?

I also cleaned up my room… so that was okay, I guess. Somehow, I got a paper cut that still hasn’t faded, and that was from Sunday!

But even though I cleaned my room… it seems that I can’t find the Steam gift card I was sure I had. I really wanted it to buy a certain game…

The good – 

The most memorable thing about this week was finding out that Muv-Luv Alternative came out on Steam.

Apparently it was localized and released months ago…

So I feel a little sad that I didn’t buy it before I used up all my spare Christmas cash on random crap. Of course, I’d have to buy the first Muv-Luv before Alternative, but because of its fans, I have to say I’m interested.

Also this OP rocks! Hard! Thanks Jam Project!

*Status update! On my way to my uncle’s birthday party, I used some money from a card in my glove compartment and bought a Steam gift card! Just downloaded the first Muv-Luv game from Steam!*

muvluv16 2018-03-17 20-45-35-23
Just WTH is this game? This isn’t the heroic war drama Jam Project promised… Then again, I don’t really expect much until I get to the Unlimited part of the game.

*Also yes, I am ‘that guy’ who plays eroge for the plot. Feelsbadman*

Besides that, I finished Nisemonogatari, and I didn’t hate it at all. I was pretty sure it was one of my least favorite parts of the series when I watched the anime, but reading it was still great! I mean, the other Nisio light novels that I’ve read were definitely a lot better than this one, but still, Nisio quality prevailed.

It’s really hard for me to balance my hatred of the dull Shikigami with my admiration for the embodiment of epicness that is Yozuru Kagenui! Seriously, she’s just too great!

Image result for monogatari kagenui gif
Reading this was a pleasure! Pure strength!

I also wrote a bit more- of my own story.

It went okay, I guess. I doubled the length of my version of the document from 11 pages to 23, but eh. I’m debating the inclusion of certain characters and I’m trying to keep it concise, ya know? Always gotta ask myself, “Well, what does this scene add that the previous scenes didn’t?”

I scrapped a whole page because I didn’t like the way a character took off his sunglasses.


I’m having fun writing it though, so I guess you can look forward to reading some more of it later this week. Especially the anticipated ‘nearly-yaoi scene’.

Image result for higurashi satoshi x keiichi
Hey! I mentioned this scene last post! Chekhov’s Gun says I have to add this! It’s not because I think the girls’ expressions are hilarious or anything!

It’s also pretty good that I’m almost done my Top 10 anime list. I pretty much started blogging with a top 10 list, so I’m planning to end this phase of my blog with a few posts about the best anime ever…

And yes, I mean posts. I’m thinking of keeping it short, so maybe just two posts for the best anime ever… for now!

In other blog-related news, I made my 50th blog post (it was about my favorite anime music), and from that post I reached 200 likes!

That’s a way more important milestone for me, to be honest.

I’ve been writing odd stories for years now, but I’ve rarely shared them with other people. For that reason, I tend to be really fickle about them, and make them really ridiculous. That kind of self-serving story keeps my attention for less than a month!

Basically, what I’m getting at is-

By writing, at least partially, for other people makes me a lot more interested in what I’m writing than if it were just for self-satisfaction. I’m glad that other people seem to enjoy the posts that I make, and it’s great having little exchanges in the comments with a few people.

Like I said in my 50th post, I didn’t expect that I’d make it to 50 posts, because of my fickle personality. So, I’d like to thank you all once again.

Thanks for reading!

You make this whole thing fun! And worthwhile!

Image result for anime beg
*Me on the floor trying to make up for writing almost all of this post on Friday instead of Saturday*

2nd Best Anime – Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (you better believe I’m using copy paste for that!), otherwise known as When They Cry, is the second best anime I have ever experienced.

If I were to describe its premise and appeal, I would say that the first season is one of the most engaging mysteries/puzzles ever created. Using a shift in perspective to a once-periphery character, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai is the solution to the puzzle that was the first season. While I can’t say I love many of Higurashi Kai‘s answers, it does not change the god-tier world building, atmosphere, and characters of the first season.

If you have never watched Higurashi… Go watch it!

Image result for higurashi gif

The town of Hinamizawa is one of the few settings that I’ve ever seen explored in such a deep and engaging way. It’s methodical and intelligent plotting and story strucure make the show good, but the emotional attachment Higurashi makes you feel for its characters, even when you know the genre is ‘horror’, makes Higurashi a masterpiece!


Possible spoilers from here


I wrote a massive ramble a few weeks ago about Higurashi, and what I think that it ultimately does: Make you feel empathy for the insane and delusional. Higurashi does this in typical literary fashion, by inserting you into a character’s shoes, and forcing you to experience the story the way they do.

Image result for higurashi gif

To be honest, I fell so hard in love with the first season, that I kind of forgot to try to solve the mystery! I became so entrenched in the well-written character drama… I forgot that my reason for watching the series was to validate my assumption that it was a trashy torture porn anime! I’m such a terrible person! (sometimes)

But how about I explain why When They Cry is even better than I thought it was!

And to do that, I have to mention the greatest mystery I have ever experienced. Umineko no Naku Koro ni is the sequel to Higurashi, and while they’re not direct sequels, Umineko continues to develop and expand on the ideas of the original… in heartbreaking ways.

I also have to mention that the anime of Umineko is both a simplified and incomplete version of half of the story of Umineko.

I will not be speaking in specifics, but I recommend that you read the Umineko visual novel or manga before continuing… there are 8 chapters, an estimated 150 hours of text. That’s a commitment.

But Umineko is certainly worth it.


Definitely spoilers from here


Higurashi is ultimately a show about a tragedy, but in the end, that tragedy is overcome. Against seemingly impossible odds, the characters in Higurashi learn to trust one another. They overcome their personal delusions and paranoia, and because of that, they are able to seize victory, against those overwhelming odds. For such a sadistic story, it’s surprisingly hopeful about humanity’s potential.

Image result for umineko bernkastel and lambdadelta scene

I mention odds for a very specific reason though.

Ultimately, because of the cast of Higurashi‘s intense feelings of friendship, there was always an unbelievably small, but tangible chance for this ‘miracle’ to happen.

But what if that chance didn’t exist?

What if there were some secrets that the cast just couldn’t divulge? Some unspeakable secret that held them back, isolating each of them and dooming them to a completely inescapable and unavoidable fate? What if the moment that Higurashi‘s cast found a shred of hope, it was revealed that only deeper tragedy awaited them?

Image result for umineko rokkenjima
Isolated island vs isolated town!

Welcome to Rokkenjima Island, everyone. Come, I invite you to make my mistake. Just try to parse through the masterfully crafted mystery. For several dozen hours, you will directly be challenged by the story. It will beg you to reach the answer.

Image result for umineko ange adult
Never expected to find such an accurate meme…

The answer that I turned my eyes away from. The answer that I was too scared to look at. The answer to that question I had asked myself. “But what if that chance didn’t exist? What would happen if their fates were sealed all along?”

Before Umineko, I’ll admit it! I had contempt for those who ‘avoid reality’. Those who indulge in impossible fantasies, and those who won’t face reality… I hated them. As someone with an imagination that’s too active to indulge in any fantasy that it realizes is impossible- I really couldn’t understand how anyone could be so stupid to indulge such a toxic mindset!

If Higurashi made me feel pity for the delusional, it also undeniably hardened my hatred for such delusion and those who isolate themselves. Delusion was something to be overcome, in my mind, just like solitude. Real interaction with another person is the only correct answer, right?

Image result for higurashi rena friendship
Apparently my view of effort was pretty narrow!

Of course, I was the only one who was being stupid. It takes two people to have a conversation. If it’s one sided…

Umineko is the only story to ever make me truly helpless. And when I was helpless… that’s when I lied. Not to anyone around me, but to myself. I hid from the truth that Umineko was waving in my face, and I hid from my own doubt. When I asked myself, “Is it possible the answer isn’t worth it?”

I callously answered, “Of course! It’s always best to know the truth, even if it’s painful! If you understand the truth behind your own mistakes, then you won’t repeat them.”

And I still agree with the final part of that statement, I no longer hold the truth on such a pedestal… because of Umineko.

Now I know, the pain of being truly helpless. Of knowing what went wrong, and all the many ways it could have been prevented… and the futility of realizing all of those things far, far too late.

Image result for umineko kinzo
Oh DESIRE! Kinzo’s character is defined by his regret! His irreversible mistakes!

And yeah, that’s why I like shows about friendship and all that nonsense! Because, what in the world can you manage alone? Will you make up stories about witches? Write fantasies about your family’s death? Or will you lash out at the people who matter to you most? Will you end up becoming a witch of your former self?

Betraying everything you hold dear in destructive passion?

Looking back now, at Higurashi, I realize the power of its conclusion. I realize how happy I am that the characters found trust within themselves and one another.

Image result for higurashi friendship
Good thing that Higurashi isn’t more popular… I don’t want to see any more Keiichi-Satoshi fanart! 

I think Higurashi and Umineko each have powerful lessons about life.

Higurashi says that you can overcome anything if you have people you can mutually depend on.

With Umineko, the easiest way is to just think and reflect on your own actions! Don’t let your life become so twisted in the first place, and you’ll never experience the pain that Beatrice did.

The way I interpret Umineko is that even if you are doomed to failure, and have no one on your side, your best option is to simply try, and hope for the best.

Image result for sakutaro umineko

If you’ve got no hope anyway, and nothing to lose, there’s no harm in acting a little delusional! Somehow, things might work out!

If not, at least you tried! You gave your all until the end, and no one was able to figure out how to help you. It was a valiant effort, and while you can be blamed for not having been open, it’s not like you were alone in the blame.

In the end, if you still failed, you’re at least entitled to a sweet dream. A sweet delusion.

Image result for umineko magic ending
*Totally not crying about the Higurashflower metaphor*

No one can fault you for that, so “sleep in peace my beloved witch, Beatrice. In a sleep, where you won’t be disturbed a second time.”

And then there was no one left alive… When They Cry.


Ah man! This one turned into a bit more Umineko than Higurashi, didn’t it? They’re both great, so if you liked one, you’ll probably like the other. If you thought that Higurashi had too much fanservice, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Umineko is serious at pretty much all times.

For me, that wasn’t a plus, since Higurashi’s lighthearted moments were really great, and in my opinion, had more character than a lot of Umineko’s lighter moments. In Umineko, I thought that the balance between characters and plot leaned heavily on the plot side, whereas I felt Higurashi balanced the light and the serious moments with far better… but then again, I only read the manga of Umineko, not the VN!

Image result for higurashi keiichi golf

Also, that’s just my opinion! You might even have the opposite impression!

Umineko is just so expertly crafted that it kind of makes up for its generally weaker cast of core characters. And jeeze! There are a ton of miscellaneous characters in Umineko, and it just baffles me! I guess it adds an air of authenticity to the fantasy… but man, it’s tough to try to derive some sort of coherent plot for a full-on ‘magic’ explanation! Not that I won’t try during a reread!

Anyway, I gotta get a headstart on tomorrow’s post, cus I got an unexpected birthday to attend for my uncle… Yeah, who knew that a birthday could just ‘pop up’. Feelsbad. But I refuse to give up my daily uploads!

Image result for carnival phantasm season 4 taiga
*Me trying to maintain both quality and quantity*

Favorite Anime Music – 50 posts!


I started seriously posting about two and a half months ago, and I’ve done my best to post every single day… and you can see how that went.

Anyway, this is my 50th post!

I thought I’d reach this benchmark way faster… but eh. My original prediction was that I would give up before reaching 15 posts!

To be honest, most of my posts are pretty badly argued… and my opinion is completely uncritical… but hey! This is my edgy anime blog! I’m free to be as bad a critic as I please… even if I really want to improve in all aspects.

And while I was lamenting my quantity over quality style of posting, I found two sources of inspiration. Together, it seemed like a sign saying, “make a post about music!”

And I’m like, “I’ve been wanting to do that for like a month!”

So here it is!

Let’s start with OSTs.

Original Soundtracks – 

Let me tell you, I don’t pay attention to background music, especially in anime. But sometimes there’s just that soundtrack that hits you just right, regardless!

One of my earliest memories of noticing an anime soundtrack has to be Yuki Kajiura’s work on Sword Art Online. A solid soundtrack helped distract me fall in love with the anime, when I had seen less than 10 anime until then.

I mentioned this back in my Future Diary review, but man, is this a great track. Very emotional. I always have a thing for piano, so yeah.

Xylophone! Also creepy whispers! This won’t be the last time you see Higurashi no naku koro ni on this list!

Bernkastel is best girl and has my favorite theme song? Coincidence? I think not!

Of course, this isn’t from the anime, but the visual novel. Sequel to Higurashi, and Umineko no naku koro ni was actually super well-written and thoroughly soul-crushing. Higurashi and Umineko both make you empathize with the insane and delusional… but this song is just epic!

From the visual novel, Devil on a G-String. Haven’t finished it, but my god, is the music great in this game.

It may not have an anime, but it’s an anime style game, with clear anime influence. It counts. Trust me.

From epic walking music to epic bawling-my-eyes-out music. Thanks Parasyte! #Heartsoutforpsychicthot

I would include the epic music from Tokyo Ghoul- you know the one! That one that plays on the final episode of each season… but Unravel’s also the opening of the show and stands by itself… so that comes later.

Two Bakemonogatari themes, and I think I’ve finally cleared all of the anime osts. What can I say, they’re both freakin’ fantastic!

Flandre Scarlet’s theme remixed in a fangame of Touhou, ‘Who Cares’, is probably my favorite soundtrack from what I’ve seen out of Touhou. It just works so well with everything, and Touhou songs just loop so nicely~

(Don’t mind that I moved right back into game themes! hehe)

Also from Touhou, I just think that this one is too catchy to leave out! Not a high quality version, but eh. It’s good stuff!

Okay, this may be the remix version from the anime, but it’s heavily based off of the visual novel theme by the same title. ‘Emiya’ from Fate/Stay Night is just good battle music!

What a good way to end this part of the list, the same way I started it!

Now onto ending songs (eds)

Endings – 

I love finding a good ending song.

I just don’t listen to them very often, and I get spaced out super easy after an episode is over. So yeah, here’s my favorite eds.

Hana no Uta from the newest Fate/Stay Night movie was a joy to listen to! After a super tense movie, it was a great sendoff. I’m also a sucker for Aimer songs.

*Not crying that I couldn’t be consistent and find the short version*

‘Manten’ by Kalafina, a temporary ed for Fate/Zero is just really memorable. After a character building episode, it was a great sendoff. I’m also a sucker for Kalafina songs.


Gotta check if you’re still awake ^

*More not tv-size songs*

Yeah, Kalafina is good. If I’m honest, Moyatori’s post about a singer, Keiko, from the band leaving was one of those ‘inspirations’ that I mentioned earlier. As a trio of singers with different vocal ranges, they really make great music. Gonna be weird to hear them separately, but they’re all talented, so I hope they’ll continue to make music as good as before.

Sayuri eds had me like~

Hm… good sound though. High pitched female edge = profit!

Moving on.

Perfect ed to a series that I enjoyed.

One of my favorite Egoist songs… love playing Overwatch to the beat drop.

And finally, the ending theme from Mob Psycho 100, ‘All-Off’. Great ending song and great ending sequence for a great show! GREAT!

Okay that’s enough eds for now…

This list is getting too long!

Joke songs –

Ever like a good meme? These are some of my favorite-

The remix of this song is actually satanic!

This is a weapon of war, I swear!

Higurashi is the series that keeps giving! Quality memes all around.

Ahem, “Higurashi is a cute show about friendship.”

Carnival Phantasm is just perfect. It’s only logical that the song is equally perfect.

Okay, last joke song now-

If it wasn’t good enough meme by itself, it led to one of my favorite videos on the internet-

Thank you Eromanga Sensei! This is what the internet was made for!


Alright, I posted enough of my memes, now I can get into the real meat…

Opening songs!

OPs – 

I guess it’s time to stop baiting and explain the second inspiration for this music based post.

I was looking up a certain game, and I clicked on its OP, and I’m like, “Hm. This reminds me of Attack on Titan’s OPs. This is pretty good.”

And then I watched it again.

And after listening again and again, I began to feel something.

A sense of patriotism!

Dang Jam Project! This has to be my favorite OP that I’ve heard in awhile!

As someone who hasn’t even played the game yet, it’s crazy that this OP can affect me this much. This sealed the deal in convincing me that I ‘have to’ buy this game… eventually!

With an OP that rocks this hard, I figured the game must be at least worth my time! (BTW Muv Luv Alternative seems to be the highest rated visual novel of all time…)

Just including it here because of Muv-luv. They’re made by the same people, but I honestly prefer Muv-luv‘s OP to ‘The Hero’.

Aimer strikes again!

And again!

But what is this? Kalafina striking back with my favorite Fate/ opening song? Incredible! What an upset… but yeah, I like this song. It’s good stuff.

Fate/ has a ton of good music!

And uh… can I just have the first two ops of Higurashi no naku koro ni next?

The first one is definitely more atmospheric, but the second one just fills me with this feeling… and I really love it. One of the lines could be translated to something like “You’re not a flower in hell, don’t bloom there,” and I’m just like    ;_;

It really matches the series, and I thought that nothing from Higurashi could top them…

But my god! The anime opening for Umineko is so good!

It just sounds epic! Like some battle of epic proportions is about to go down on a secluded island.

Ah, this is the edge I got into anime for!

The same band, Ling Tosite Sigure, sang both Abnormalize and Unravel! Naisu edge-u!

Speaking of naisu-

Even as an anime only, I love Jojo! Part 4, especially, just had this really nice style… and this song was at least half of the experience for me. I couldn’t stop laughing when I first saw it. All of the Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure OPs are pretty good, but this was definitely my favorite!

I guess I’ll end this with a nostalgia note-

Ever hear of ‘Nico Touches the Wall’?

I really like the sound of their music.

My favorite op from them has to be-

From Naruto Shippuden, opening 8 (out of a bajillion) called ‘Diver’. The opening animation shows Naruto Shippuden‘s plot in a nutshell… and while that is great and all, I love that edgy sound that the singer’s voice has, ya know?

Also that guitar…

Okay, it may not be the most unique OP, but I really like the sound okay? It just sounds ‘right’ to me.


Alright – 

That’s it that I’m going to write about… I’m going to pass the 1500 word mark!

That Muv-luv OP though! Godly!

I love me some good organ music, cus I’m edgy! I’m the only person (probably) who will switch from Fugue in G minor to a Naruto op without blinking! And it feels great!

… there really are some benefits to not having any distinct taste in music, ya know? I can swap from any genre with any instrument and have a great time!

Making a list this big makes me think about all the great songs that I’ve probably heard, liked, then forgotten about. I can imagine scrolling through this list in a year and going, “C? Wait, that economics anime? That really did have a good OP, didn’t it? ‘Hitorigoto’? That was the stuff!”

– Yeah, I can imagine saying stuff like that.

Hopefully you found a new song to love out of this whole thing… either that, or got a good laugh out of my crappy taste!

Anyways, I’m glad that I kept at this blogging thing for awhile. I can’t guarantee that I won’t quit before the 100 post mark, especially because I already planned to slow my pace after I finish my top 10 anime list (posted #3 yesterday). But really, I think I’m having a lot of fun just making posts like this. Really putting my feelings to paper… or text- it’s a pretty cathartic feeling.

I’d like to thank you for reading… but you probably had to skim through this list!

Sorry about that!

Also, if it takes a few years to load all the videos, I’m really sorry! Next time I do a massive list post, I’ll probably use the spoiler function to hide the stuff… but it’s getting kind of late, and I could really use some Jax!

Image result for jax cheese
Like Cheetos, but they actually taste like cheese!

Basically, I’m hungry.

Anyone who made it through the whole post… you deserve a snack too! Or a drink!

I’m grabbing both!

Second favorite anime post coming tomorrow…

And by process of elimination, you could probably guess it just by looking at this list alone!

Good luck with that!

10th Best Anime – Code Geass

9th Best Anime – Konosuba – Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

8th Best Anime – Naruto!

7th Best Anime – Snafu – My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected

6th Best Anime – Katanagatari

5th Best Anime – Fullmetal Alchemist

4th Best Anime – Future Diary

3rd Best Anime – Fate/ Franchise

3rd Best Anime – Fate/ Franchise

Yeah, if you consider ‘anime’ by a singular series basis… you are going to hate me for this one!

Let me just mention the anime that I considered a part of the franchise. Fate/Stay NightFate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade WorksFate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel IFate/ZeroFate/Prisma Illya, and the unforgettable Carnival Phantasm.

That’s a lot of anime! Hours and hours!

I could write a few thousand words on each of these series… Because I think the Fate/ franchise is one of the best anime experiences I’ve ever had!




First off, let me explain the most important thing to understand about this series. The source material that began the Fate/ franchise is the Fate/Stay Night visual novel (2004). It spawned several different anime, and you need to understand why. There are three main routes in the visual novel, Fate, then Unlimited Blade Works, and finally Heaven’s Feel.

Image result for fate stay night
3 routes, 3 main heroines… And yes, this is an eroge… And I wish I had the money to play it!

Now, those with experience in visual novels might note that I used the words ‘then’ and ‘finally’. That’s because Fate/Stay Night is meant to be experienced in a sequence! First Fate, then UBW, then Heaven’s Feel!

You might try to watch the new Heaven’s Feel movies without knowledge of the other routes… which is a terrible idea!

Because, the greatest strength of Fate/Stay Night is its meta narrative.

There are several points in the Ufotable UBW anime, that must be pretty anti-climactic for new viewers.

Image result for fate kirei death

They must go, “What a waste of a villain,” without ever seeing the Fate route where Kirei is the final boss! To a viewer with knowledge of the Fate route, his death is cathartic, and signifies a significant change from the previous route.

Image result for fate medea death
Medea (Caster) is an example of this in reverse. A joke in the Fate route, turned significant villain in UBW!

And don’t even get me started on the first Heaven’s Feel movie…

Holy crap, that stuff got to me!

But to understand, let me just explain the modus operandi of Fate/Stay Night.

The first arc, Fate, introduces the world and major characters. The main character, Emiya, is never challenged in his ideals, and wins all of his fights through his deus ex machina like powers. In retrospect, with knowledge of other arcs, Fate begins to look less terrible… but your first viewing of the Fate route will probably leave you bitter.

The second arc, Unlimited Blade Works, is actually fantastic. Emiya’s ideals are directly challenged, and his previous ‘chosen one’ powers are nowhere in sight! The major theme of this arc is personal growth! Watching Emiya grow as a mage, fighter, and person is fantastically engaging as he tries to protect those around him. There are three specific fights that made the opening slog worth it…

Image result for fate berserker vs gilgamesh gif
He protecc!

But never minding that-

From what I’ve seen of Heaven’s Feel, its quality is unbelievable. The villain is actually terrifying! I’m saying this as an edgy teen who nearly fell asleep during Another (Cus Another is the worst anime ever!), there is a single villain who had me on edge whenever he appeared. In a mix of perfect writing, animation, timing, and atmosphere…

I can’t spoil. I may be bad at this, but I’m not that evil that I would spoil any more of the series secrets!

The existence of this villain is a mild spoiler by itself. If I were to even mention his name, I would spoil a major part of his existence.


Before I get into my wrap-up, let me address the flaws of Fate/.

The visual novel, which I’ve heard is the best way to experience the Fate route, is not legally translated.

Image result for steam muv luv

There is actually no good way to experience the true Fate route in anime either! The 2006 Studio Deen’s Fate/Stay Night was mainly based in Fate, but it also took from other routes in order to seem more ‘complete’. And I think it turned out as a mess!

If you expect a Fate/ anime to be completely standalone, even if in different canons, you are not going to enjoy the experience. Again, the appeal in Fate/ is the meta narrative, and the emotional ties to the characters you get from playing and experiencing other parts of the series.

Image result for prisma illya saber alter
Fate Illya is really just a funny loli-bait homage to the original… until the GAR movie

Also, Fate/Stay Night seems to have a problem with any characters other than Emiya Shirou growing… they might be complex characters, but they are static! Fate/Zero is even worse in that regard, since character growth is impossible for adults when Urobutcher writes a story.

Image result for fate waver rider
Oh look, the only dynamic character is also a student… so much for people praising it for just having adult characters!

TL:DR – this series is hard to get into!

But if you can manage it…

The payoff

Have you ever heard of Carnival Phantasm?

It’s a show of pure fun and insanity…

I can’t recommend this enough! It easily makes my list of top 3 comedy anime, by itself! If you need motivation to get through this series, this is it!

I’d say that Carnival Phantasm is very nearly the pinnacle of anime…

Image result for carnival phantasm gif

Taking characters that went through the most messed up, despair inducing stories… and mixing them up in crazy situations that almost make the pain go away!

Image result for carnival phantasm volleyball
Also, this is the Tsukihime anime! Gal Undo!

Carnival Phantasm may be a masterpiece, but the series that serve as its baseline are also well-written too!

Like, ever hear of Fate/Zero?

Have you seen the hours of analysis on the themes of it? I might not care one bit about any character who isn’t red haired or a spineless whiny mage… but I admit that it’s an interesting little tragedy.

Image result for kiritsugu cries gif
Don’t stare at this gif for too long… you might mistake him for doing something else!

All the quality Fate/Stay Night adaptations, UBWHeaven’s Feel, and Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family… they’re all great!

Also, the resident scum of the series, Matou Shinji, is delightfully terrible! Voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya, (yes, Levi from AOT, and Araragi from Monogatari), it’s always a delight to see this blue haired jerk suffer!

Image result for fate matou shinji
Ever wanted to see Izaya Orihara suffer? This is his voice actor. Have at him!


I really suggest getting into the Fate/ franchise.

It has good production values, especially the Ufotable adaptations, and the music is just so right!

If you haven’t gotten to watch Fate/ yet, and want to now, or just discovered the greatness of Carnival Phantasm-

Image result for carnival phantasm calculations gif

It’s great stuff!

Image result for carnival phantasm calculations gif

Hold on, one more Carnival Phantasm plug-

Image result for carnival phantasm calculations gif

Okay, by considering Carnival Phantasm as part of Fate/, it moved up from 8th to my top 3! You caught me red handed! Do your worst!

Related image

“Oh no, Lancer died!”

“You aren’t human!”


Also, Berserker is best boy!

Lancer best dog.