Inducted Into The Brotherhood?

When in doubt – tag post. With this one, I’m not sure where exactly it started. Not sure who originated it, and it seems like it’s not even an anime-specific tag…
But thanks anyway.
The rules for this one go like this – brotherhood-of-the-bloggers-award.png

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog
  • Answer the questions sent to you
  • Nominate around 10 people
  • Create your own set of questions for your nominees and display the rules.

Anyway, thanks to Yomu for tagging me. One of his questions is a little… excessive- but I should be able to survive if I cut the intro shor-

Q1: What is your favorite fantasy anime?
Image result for no game no life zero jibrilJeeze, I’m bad at genres… Like if I were fickle, I could say that every anime is in some way a fantasy!
But if I were to go by my favorites list and considering the ones I consider fantasy, then either Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood or Konosuba tops the list. Not many anime commit to developing their worlds in the way I associate with the fantasy genre
I definitely like Soul Eater, though the ending was a disaster. Maybe I’d also recommend No Game No Life, or Shin Sekai Yori?
Okay, I may not have been able to figure out a favorite, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy at least one of them. (though all of them are pretty mainstream)

Q2: What is your go-to low budget meal?
Soft butter on soft bread!

What, I like to keep it simple in the mornings!

Q3: What is your favorite anime song?
Well… I don’t have a singular favorite here either.
I love pretty much every song from Monogatari, especially ‘Kieru Daydream‘, ‘Shiori‘, and ‘Terminal Terminal‘. (ED from Nekomonogatari Kuro, Owarimonogatari Second Season, and first OP for Owarimonogatari Second Season respectively)

For some reason, I really like the sound of Kanako Itou songs. Both her songs for the Steins;Gate anime were pretty nice, but I really prefer her work on Occultic;Nine‘s ‘Sensuu 3 no Nijou‘, Chaos;Head‘s ‘F.D.D‘, and Chaos;Child‘s ‘Uncontrollable‘! They’re all just so nice…
Before I posted about a ton of OSTs I enjoyed, so I won’t mention them here.
The Fate/ series also has a ton of great OPs and EDs…
I really like Kalafina’s singing for Fate/Zero, I really do. Also the visual novel for Heaven’s Feel, ‘Another Heaven‘, is just epic…

But as a card carrying sucker for Based Shaft, I have to admit that my favorite Fate/ opening is the one for the game that I’ll never play – the Fate/Extra CCC opening! I can’t say why…
And I could probably keep going about at least 10 more songs from my playlist…
But I have 300 words to write later! (blame Yomu)

Q4: What is the most ambitious / creative anime (in your opinion) that you have ever seen, good or bad?
In terms of creativity… if the anime version of Umineko wasn’t shit, then I would say that the combination of Higurashi and Umineko to tell contrasting perspectives on the topic of trust and insanity is the most ambitious I’ve seen. I also think that Fate/Stay Night is ambitious… though so far the anime is unfinished, so it’s hard to praise it as the best.
In the end, those were the only two close to competing with the Monogatari Series. Through its masterful use of anime tropes, it does the impossible- perfectly reconcile empathy and understanding with the need for improvement and morality. Monogatari is the cure for our increasingly nihilistic world…
But everyone already knows I love Monogatari to death, so this probably isn’t useful.

Q5: In the format of a 300 word essay, what is the worst anime character you have had the displeasure of watching? (Yomu, y u do dis?)
Uh… I don’t really have a specific most hated anime character…
So why don’t I talk about a character that made me feel displeased, even if I respect the inclusion of their character in the narrative? Since this was unfair anyway-

–> Spoilers for Fate/Stay Night ahead <–

Cursed Arm Hassan, otherwise known as True Assassin in Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel, is viscerally disgusting to watch. Presage Flower is one of the best animated movies I’ve seen, and True Assassin was a major part of it. He makes his appearance after everything seems to finally be going right in the Fate/ universe…Image result for heavens feel assassin death
By brutally murdering a beloved rule of cool samurai. He physically tears his way out of the guy’s chest. The sounds he makes are animalistic, his head movement unnatural, and he scurries around like a deadly bug. Later on in the movie, he cannibalizes another servant, tearing out his heart and eating it!
But it’s not just visceral horror that True Assassin brings to Heaven’s Feel, but an existential horror as well-
Because fights in the other routes of Fate/ were at least that- fights. The heroes, by nature, generally have egos that must be sated. They also have principals, and generally respect one another, albeit in different forms. Hassan appears to have neither from the beginning. He doesn’t care about the act of killing either-Image result for heavens feel assassin
He’s content to allow the shadow to feast on the servants rather than fight them himself. It’s a real affront to the supremacy of honor that the previous Fate and Unlimited Blade Works routes posed! Hassan offers an entrance into a darker world than the previous two routes, and for that reason, he’s terrifying. By the end of the first movie, he has a higher servant body count higher than Gilgamesh ever did! He makes the seasoned viewer feel uneasy and lost- as if the tribulations of the previous routes were trivial by comparison.
As True Assassin, Hassan is vital to the shift in tone that Heaven’s Feel is known for. He was a displeasure to watch on multiple levels, and had my heart pumping… along with that sick Yuki Kajiura soundtrack. Ufotable did a great job with bringing him to life, but the character already had solid thought and writing put into him. And that’s why Hassan of the Cursed Arm is a fine example of a disturbing villain.

Okay then! My work here is done…
I only had to cheat a lot!
Nominations – 

  1. Moyatori!
  2. KingDylbag13
  3. WeeabroDerek

… And yup, three’s about all I can manage. Lot’s of people have done this post and been similarly nominated. If you were nominated and don’t want to do it, power to ya!
I just think things like this are kinda nice.
And with that, onto my questions!

  1. Considering the existence of protagonists, are battle royales pointless as suspenseful stories? *cough* Juuni Taisen *cough*
  2. Are there any absolute rules when it comes to fiction? (for example: ‘battles must be suspenseful’, ‘rape should never be used as a plot device’, or ‘incest ruins anime’)
  3. If someone were to loop one sound on repeat, which one would drive you insane the fastest? (for me, it’s Nagito’s laugh from Danganronpa)
  4. Can you describe your favorite anime in one sentence without naming it?
  5. Food! Do you snack while writing? (Not that I’m guily of such a thing, 100% focused)


Well, that was fun. Thanks again, Yomu!
(now to pack for college)


10 thoughts on “Inducted Into The Brotherhood?

  1. You killed it! Butter on bread is exactly the kind of budget meals I was looking for, same tier as rice and hot sauce.
    I’ve only seen Fate:Zero and Fate: Unlimited Blade Works, not sure how they keep pumping out more content in the series? Isn’t it basically the same premise over and over?
    Also those songs were great.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 0_0
      The time has come!
      Zero’s the prequel, and Fate UBW is the second route in a three route visual novel- fate/stay night.
      So yeah, there’s a lot of overlap. The rules are the same, and many characters appear throughout parts.
      There is also Carnival Phantasm and Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family, which are comedic spinoffs with the same characters. Then there’s Prisma Illya, which is a sort of official fanfiction…
      All of them are kinda worth checking out if you have some time to kill. Fate/’s not a cohesive property, and I only mentioned about half of the ones I know.

      Liked by 1 person

          1. The VN is amazing. You have to go through some work to get it, but the Fate/stay night Reddit is a very helpful resource when looking for the VN. The story is really really in depth about the Holy Grail War, and each path (Fate, Unlimited Blade Works, Heaven’s Feel) are all really diverse and interesting.
            Btw, if you watched F/sn 2006 (the first, old adaption), it’s generally agreed upon that it was bad because it really diverged from the actual Fate route from the VN.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. There are actually multiple VN’s, and some more Fate story is told through the JRPG Fate/Grand Order.
            Basically, just going through the Fate/verse will probably take a looong time, not to mention the Nasuverse as a whole.

            Liked by 1 person

          3. Yep, I didn’t even mention Fate/Extra or its sequels, or even Ataraxia. I tried to keep it to anime only stuff…
            Though the nasuverse gets more complicated with Tsukihime and Kara No Kyoukai, I kinda only wanted to focus on the main stuff.


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